Venus Factor Review

Venus Factor Reviews


If you’re like me and like most women – especially women who have had children – you’re probably not happy with your body.  My body got too soft and squishy after having kids, and I’ve carried around more pounds than I want to be. Weight loss for women is often frustrating and largely unsuccessful, and when you manage to lose extra pounds, they just creep back on again. I’ve lost the same ten or twenty pounds a couple of times, but have struggled to keep it off.
Does it ever seem to you like all of the weight loss programs are made for aliens? Sometimes it seems that way to me, because they just don’t seem to work! No, I know they’re not really designed for aliens, but they are in fact designed for men.
I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty skeptical about weight loss programs, simply because so many of them have let me down. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised
to find out that the Venus Factor was something different and it didn’t seem like another gimmick.  Actually, I believe it’s helping me override my metabolism.
Also, let’s face it: I needed someone to hold my hand through it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to the grocery store with the best of intentions, only to find out that I really had no idea what I was supposed to eat instead. I’ve always wanted to eat the right things, but what stops me is often not poor willpower so much as confusion about what I should eat instead. That’s where the program helped me, thanks to the Virtual Nutritionist.
While the nutrition component of the system could have been enough in itself, the bonus work out and exercise videos that come with it will help you not  just to loss weight, but  also get tighter, sexier body shape at the same time. I can see it’s slowly but surely changing the shape of my body.
Lots of weight loss programs that didn’t work for me did have one crucial component I still needed – social support. But since I’m raising my kids, it’s not always easy for me to get to group meetings. The program helped me with that too, since it includes access to a great online VF Community of other women who are going through the exact same process with me. We are able to give each other encouragement and share our victories.
I will say, at first, when I got the program, I felt disappointed. At the time, I was looking for a flashy celebrity diet and I wanted something that would help me lose all the weight in a month or so. Now I know that’s not realistic, but I can’t help but hope for instant results! I’ve been thrilled with the results so far, and the fact that weight has been steadily coming off now. I can now fit in dresses that I gave up on years ago. I don’t have to starve myself or take harmful medications. Now that I better understand the role of leptin and the physiology of the female body, I can outsmart my fat-hoarding genes and look like a sexy young mom again!
Does The Venus Factor Work?

Is It A Good Weight Management Program?
Like similar programs of this kind, the Venus Factor system is concerned with reducing fat tissue in order to achieve a better body composition. It also gives blueprints and layouts for dieting and exercising, but this is also nothing new.
What is unique of this program is the approach to leptin and the set up of a diet targeted at restoring leptin sensitivity that in turn kick starts the fat burning process. It is surprising that there is one single particular herb that has the ability to increase leptin sensitivity of up to 52%, this alone is probably one of the most important components of the Venus Factor program, aside from diet and exercise.
The nutrition part is laid out in the 12 Week Fat Loss System in which John Barban explains how to manage your dieting plans, which foods to eat and which ones to avoid like the plague, even some alleged healthy foods.
The workout part is also arranged in 12 weeks divided into three 4 week cycles, 3 times a week. The exercises can be implemented at home with basic equipment such as a reclining bench, a set of dumbbells or a barbell, and a mat. No need to join a gym, unless you want to. It is also very flexible because you can perform from 1 to more sets per exercise, depending of your fitness levels and goals. The workout program itself is very well set up, offering over 130 high quality online videos that you can access from the VF official website.
However, we all know how difficult it is to adhere to a nutritional plan when all temptations are there ready available in the fridge. To make your quest easier,Venus Factor also offers its own software to calculate how many calories you need depending on your weight and body proportions. This means it calculates how much fat you need to get rid of according to your height, divided by your weight with waist and shoulders size plus age thrown into the mix to extract the right amount of calories you need.

These software gizmos are nothing new to these kind of programs, it is just that this one seems to tackle the data with a little different perspective in order to achieve a Venus like perfect hourglass figure within a Venus Index ideal range. Ideally, your waist should be about 38% of your height, your hips about 1,42 times your waist, and your shoulders about 1.60 of your waist. But the single most important ratio is the waist to height.
There is one last very important component of this program, I think the most important together with the herb against leptin resistance: the social community. Only few programs can boast of an online community where members can support, encourage and give feedback to each other in order to take results to another level. The Venus Factor Immersion Community is set up to keep its members focused on their task (losing fat and toning muscle) that would otherwise fad away in most cases if they were left on their own. This is a trick to keep one accountable for her own progress, albeit in a friendly way. They even organize vacations and social opportunities.
So yes, the combination of sound scientific foundation coupled with a detailed nutritional and workout implementation, the online community and the successful results of thousands of members make the Venus Factor an attractive and effective ladies' fat loss program.